Privacy Policy

ExplorAll UG (HAFTUNGSBESCHRÄNKT) & Co. KG (“ExplorAll”) cares about the privacy demands of all individual and companies using (“Website”) and has therefore listed our actions concerning your data on this webpage. Here you can read what data ExplorAll collects, what we do with that data and how we protect your data. Data can be transmitted to ExplorAll through links to our website, information forms on the website and per email. When providing ExplorAll with any data you are automatically expected to have accepted both the terms and conditions, as well as this privacy policy. This data may consist of Personal Information, Company Information or Banking Information. This Polity does not cover, and we have no responsibility for, the privacy policies or other practices of our partners and organizers, which is why we encourage you to read such policies carefully on their own websites.

About us

ExplorAll is a German Limited Liability company registered with the German Chambers of commerce under the name ExplorAll UG (HAFTUNGSBESCHRÄNKT) & Co. KG with Registration number HRA10616 at the district court of Fürth. Integrated in the services of ExplorAll is the Backpacker Recruiter (“Recruiter”) initiative which accommodates the marketing efforts undertaken by ExplorAll. ExplorAll is the facilitating party in agreements reached between our customers and organizers. ExplorAll is not, at any time, responsible for the execution of the booked services or anything resulting directly, or indirectly, from the execution of those services.

Applicable law and competent judge

In case any legal actions are undertaken by, or against, ExplorAll then the legal relationship between the parties is governed by Dutch law. The place of competent jurisdiction is Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Also if any part of this privacy policy, or the Terms and Conditions, is not sustainable under these laws then the remaining regulations included in these documents will remain in effect.

What data do we collect

Data will be collected from every visitor of the website. There are differences what data is collected from each group of visitors and different purposes might be applicable. Here is a list of what data is gathered from each selected group

1. All visitors of the Website
  • IP Address assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider.
  • Movement tracking through the website
  • Demographic activity
2. Our customers
  • Personal Identification Data, including, but not limited to, your name, Telephone number, Email Address, and other personal identifying information.
  • Demographic data, including, but not limited to, Date of Birth, Country of Residence, Age and Gender.
  • Payment Data, including the chosen method of payment but excluding any specific financial information. All payments will be handled by our Payment Service Provider and will not be collected or stored by ExplorAll.
3. Our Organizers
  • Company Identification Data, including, but not limited to, the Company Name, Country of Registration, Tax Number, PayPal Account and Official Address.
  • Personal Data on Primary Contact Person, including, but not limited to, your name, Telephone number, Email Address and Country of Residence.
  • Listing specification Data, including, but not limited to, listing price, listing specifics, availability and pick up information.
  • Listing confirmation data including, but not limited to, websites, names of resellers, alternative prices and Pictures.
  • Response times to emails send by ExplorAll.
4. Our Recruiters
  • Personal Identification Data, including, but not limited to, your name, Telephone number, Email Address, and other personal identifying information.
  • Demographic data, including, but not limited to, Date of Birth, Country of Residence, Age and Gender.
  • Banking Data, including, but not limited to, your PayPal Account and Bank Account

The organizers and recruiters will be required to create a personal or company profile in order to use our services. This profile will be your personal space on the website and therefore also your responsibility. ExplorAll has no obligation to returning or removing any data collected from any person or company in case of termination of these profiles.

There are also multiple options of sharing additional data with ExplorAll which could help us improve our website and services. These options include for example Reviews, Testimonials, Blogs and Social Media Profiles. In most of these cases we will share this data with other visitors of the Website. Please be aware that the ExplorAll team cannot ensure that Personal Data, included in such texts, will not be visible to the public and we therefore strongly advice you not to include that data except when this is explicitly requested by ExplorAll.

With who do we share Data

ExplorAll will not share or sell your data with third parties. We might use this data for the improvement of our services and marketing efforts. Please note that some data provided to initiate a booking with an organizer will be shared with this organizer. This data includes your name, email address and telephone number. ExplorAll has no control on what the organizers do with that data once it has been shared. If you share any further information with these organizers, then this will be at your own risk.

ExplorAll might also share this data with local, or international, law enforcement agencies. ExplorAll will not initiate the sharing of any data unless an illegal act has been suspected or committed involving either the website or any of the ExplorAll services. There might also be instances that law enforcement agencies will request information from the ExplorAll management. In these cases, your data will only be shared if that request is relevant and appropriate.

Email sent by ExplorAll

ExplorAll will, in many instances, use automated emails to inform, notify or otherwise contact any visitor of the website. Most of these emails will be at the direct request of a customer and are created to facilitate the sale of a services listed on the website. These emails include:

  • Availability requests to Organizers
  • Availability confirmations to customers
  • Successful completion emails to both customer as well as organizer.
  • Review request emails to customers
  • Testimonial request email to organizers

There are also automated emails send from our website for promotional purposes. These can be generated on a weekly or monthly basis, but also initiated by one of our recruiters. These emails include:

  • Newsletters
  • Special offers
  • Awareness email to potential customer
  • Awareness email to potential organizer
  • Confirmation of account creation

You may request exclusion from our automated emails at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the emails. But please be aware that this will not affect the automated email sent to you in relation to any purchase or booking.

Our Data Security Efforts

The ExplorAll website has been equipped with an Industry-Standard Encryption when receiving or sending any data. In order to ensure the safety of the website and all automatically generated emails we have acquired the help of Geotrust and are using the newest version of Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

All data related to ExplorAll or the website will be stored in a secured operating server which is not accessible to the public. This server will have the necessary safeguards in place to help protect against any theft or loss in data.

Please be aware that, despite rigorous efforts undertaken by the ExplorAll team, no connection on the internet is fully secure. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for any loss in data or breaches of security. Any visitor of the website is expected to have taken all precautionary measures on their own as well.

Modification of Privacy Policy

ExplorAll reserves the right to make adjustments to this policy at any time. When adjustments have been made then the new policy will go into effect immediately. ExplorAll will notify all visitors of our website on the homepage and everybody is expected to read these changes. Any continuous usage of this website will automatically mean the acceptance of these changes.