Our Promise

ExplorAll is built on the believe that there is nothing more fun as exploring new places and meeting new people. Could you think of anything better as to take some time off from work, get on an airplane and see new cities or experience new cultures? And while you are doing that, get to meet other people doing the same thing? Well we can’t. But, most of us do not realize we are changing the local environment 1 tourist at the time. Unfortunately, we sometimes don't understand that mass tourism isn't the best thing for local cultures and nature. We at ExplorAll care about preserving the environments which we so love to explore.

Our Promise

ExplorAll wants to create a global network where explorers can always find the right experiences for their memorable vacation. A lot of work and effort will be spent in order to build this global network. This unfortunately also costs money. It is definitely not our goal in life to become the next multi- millionaires, but we want to create a sustainable online environment known to be trustworthy and up to date. 

This is why ExplorAll charges reservation fees for reserving any activity through this marketplace. These fees are meant to sustain the ExplorAll service and to grow it according to the needs of our customers. However, it will be the promise of ExplorAll to re-invest a minimum of 20% of our annual profits right back into the communities we serve. These funds will be available for local initiatives that are designed for at least one of the following sustainability categories:

  1. Increase Animal Welfare
  2. Sustain Local Cultures
  3. Protect The Environment.

These funds can be invested directly into projects that fall in either of these three categories, or local entrepreneurs can apply for funds from ExplorAll. Every application for support from ExplorAll will be investigated to ensure that the money will be spent wisely and that a real benefit will be pursued in accordance to one of those 3 sustainability categories. 

So your bookings are direct investments in enhancing the ExplorAll market place, which in turn will help travelers and tourists in finding the experiences, that will make for exciting memories and stories to tell back home. But, your bookings are also an indirect investment in keeping local cultures alive, protecting animal welfare and sustaining our precious nature, so that hopefully our children are also able to enjoy the beauty of our planet in the future.